I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, with the idea to put the human value at the heart of all my exchanges.
After my MIAGe and DESS studies in Finance, I’ve joined a specialized structure in spatial projects management, with the idea to acquire enough experience to become entrepreneur.
In 1997, I became independent in a liberal profession until 2000.
And then, in an evening of September 2000, at a dinner with friends, who would later become my associates, we decided to create PREREQUIS, with the strong belief that we would build a different venture.
And the story goes on since then, with the ongoing wish to manage a reasonable growth while never forgetting that my professional story is closely linked to my co-workers’.
I believe that we’ve made PREREQUIS a company with strong human values, different of other consultancy companies.
To be down-to-earth, I’m CFO, one of the two CEOs and one of the four founding partners.