The world’s leading hotel manager and leader in Europe, ACCOR-HOTELS, operates in 92 countries with close to 3.500 hotels and 450.000 hotel rooms. From 1967, opening of the first Novotel at Lille Lesquin, to nowadays, with more than 160.000 associates under branded hotels throughout the world, the group provides its clients and customers with its know-how and expertise acquired since almost 45 years. The ACCOR-HOTELS group proposes a unique portfolio of complementary brands, from luxurious to cost-saving: Sofitel, Pullman, MGallery, Novotel, Suite Novotel, Mercure, ibis, ibis Styles, ibis budget, hotelF1 et Thalassa sea & spa…

Since almost 15 years, the ACCOR-HOTELS Group has used Oracle’s ERP, the E-business Suite, to manage its hotels back office throughout the world. The entire back office solution is called GRAND BACK. The modules installed allow to manage supplier management, general and analytical accounting, fixed assets, bank reconciliation, and expense reports among other things.

The environment is obviously international since within ACCOR-HOTELS, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Hungary, Ireland, Austria, Morocco, South Africa, Italy, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and France are using the ERP. It’s more than 3.000 hotels which are daily using the GRAND BACK solution, and that is almost 85% of the hotel facilities.

PREREQUIS intervenes at ACCOR-HOTELS since 2001. It is therefore a long story that both partners have written together. The work that PREREQUIS realized for the hotel Group throughout the years is a good revealer of the expertise skills of PREREQUIS on Oracle E-business Suite, and, more recently, on decision-making.

This partnership began with technical skills around the OEBS ERP. Its was about helping ACCOR-HOTELS to realize the interface and certains states of the GRAND BACK solution. Then, PREREQUIS also intervened at the functional level and took part in the steering.

The projects that PREREQUIS has supported have been complex and diverse, they include:

  • Initialization of a core model for France
  • Deployment and localisation of solution per country
  • Migrations 11i
  • Technical projects on Data processing (safe access management, repository management…)

From mid-2010, the ACCOR-HOTELS group has led an Oracle migration project: go from version OEBS V11 to R12 and also reduce the number of instances running. The chosen method was to proceed in “fresh install” mode. After the production launch of a pilot site, the countries were deployed one after another, about every two months, from fall 2011. PREREQUIS has taken part in this vast project, on both the functional and the technical aspect.

By coming back on the realized work, PREREQUIS has identified some elements that later appeared to be of key importance in a fresh install set up:

  • Early in the project, we usually initiates craft workshops to introduce new features and also identify the customisation programs that could be replaced by some standards. If involving decision makers at this stage of the project is essential, it is also important to invite operationals familiar with the solution and the needs of the ACCOR-HOTELS group. The schedule problems of such persons must be arbitrated at the highest level. The functional work and the decisions made during these workshops are crucial to the continuation of the project.
  • The quality of functional specifications for all specific programs to migrate proved decisive, especially having an updated document describing synthetically what the customisation programs does.
  • The necessity to repeatedly go back to test phase. Indeed, in fresh install mode, all the datas are injected in the new version by data recovery programs, which includes data conversion routines to adapt to certain changes in the data model or some new features. It is therefore very important to test these programs. More generally, it is essential to define at the earliest possible stage the data recovery strategy.
  • Similarly, a data archiving strategy of the old version has proved very helpful
  • In Fresh install mode, another critical point is to rightly estimate the work to accomplish on two new modules of the R12: the eTax module and the SLA module, centraliser of accounting events.
  • It also proved highly useful to identify the country specificities potentially leading to extra work: for instance, the numbering of accounting vouchers in Italy or the fixed assets management in Portugal.
  • Last, but not least, at the administration of databases, the XML technology has given a hard time in terms of management of storage spaces and memory settings.


The collaboration between PREREQUIS and the ACCOR-HOTELS group naturally continues in other area of expertise. PREREQUIS also takes part in the B.I. Project of the hotel group.

Hence, since early 2014, ACCOR-HOTELS hands us over their project management of their new B.I. projects concerning operational and financial directions on MicroStrategy.

We intervene on the whole life cycle of these projects, from the prototyping phase to the delivery and maintenance, and on the different links of the decisional chains:

  • modelling and optimisation of data warehouse for Oracle
  • supply and optimisation of PL/SQL treatments
  • different forms of restitution with MICROSTRATEGY

Furthermore, we regularly take part in project assistance management in the prototyping and testing phase, and, in parallel, we are conducting an upgrade of Microstrategy solution on the (10.2) version.

Lastly, following the user’s positive feedback, the ACCOR-HOTELS group is couting on our support to open and democratize the use of its decisional solution to all its hotels throughout the world.