I graduated from EPITA in 2003, and, after 10 years of diverse missions, expertise on Microstrategy, confrontation with problems inherent to strong volumetric contexts, awareness on business intelligence good practices, projects sometimes led in “firefighter” mode, my path eventually met Didier’s and his founding partners’.
They’ve granted me their trust by proposing me to join them and by giving me responsibilities, such as creating the business intelligence division inside PREREQUIS.
The attitude of conviviality and of serenity that had the founding partners with who I had talked, this approach to put the human at the center of the enterprise policy, this made my choice to join the team.
The blank during the first week could have made me doubt, but Franck’s very early arrival to support me, followed by the other first collaborators’, gave me confidence that it would be a great and long story that we would write, and that we keep writing everyday.