At a crossroads in my career, while I fancied a different way of working and doing business, I was presented PREREQUIS as a company which may have this extra touch of soul I was looking for.
My decision to join the company was therefore primarily based on PREREQUIS displayed values.
To see…
At PREREQUIS, I liked finding a great diversity of career paths, of profiles, of cultures, AND, with each and every one of us, at all levels, a true respect and goodwill toward our partners, be they clients, collaborators, provider or suppliers.
I appreciate the passion, the ambition and the dynamism of this company which aims for a strong, but smart, managed growth.
I can identify with this collective will to equip oneself with the means to do it right in all circumstances, to resist the temptation of opportunism and easy money, assuming the short-term, competitive disadvantage risk to focus over the long-term, team and client’s satisfaction.
That’s a no-brainer!