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PREREQUIS, headquartered in Paris – France, specializes in information technology (IT) solutions since 2001, and developed throughout the years a center of expertise in MicroStrategy and Oracle E-Business Suite applications as well as in organisational consultancy.

Since 2013, PREREQUIS also offers Education Services to address its clients demand for complete, full-service support solutions

PREREQUIS TRAINING SERVICES provide trainings and complementary educational solutions to empower technical teams, business stakeholders and end-users, and to drive effective user adoption throughout the organization. Our offering cover three main areas:

  • Business intelligence – in particular: implementation, development and administration of the MicroStrategy platform;
  • Oracle Applications : Oracle E-Business Suite, ERP Cloud
  • Change management, organisation strategy, organisational consultancy services

To support a growing demand, PREREQUIS released in 2015 a public, MicroStrategy 10 Training Offering, which is now also available in the UK (London) and Italy (Milano).

Our Training Services are developed and delivered by highly qualified professional cumulating in-depth knowledge of the technology, real-life, hands-on experience in the field, and teaching expertise.

Our mission? Help our clients maximize their return on investment by providing high added-value, flexible and affordable solutions to drive effective user Adoption and peak performance.


Agility and Responsiveness

The belief that human-centered business creates more value is deeply ingrained in our DNA and all what we do. Availability, direct, personalized service on a human scale and flexibility are key pillars of our services.

Effectiveness and Pragmatism

We aim to provide Targeted, Practical, Simple and Engaging deliverables. The modular and complementary nature of our offering facilitates the building of tailored, targeted and scalable solutions adapted to specific needs


We’re big fans of the technologies we service, not partners.
No Marketing, no bias.


from standard, public training to custom adoption programs, PTS offers a wide range of solutions to adapt to all budgets. Our pricing is significantly lower than the competition for education services of comparable quality.

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