What’s business intelligence ?

Basically, it’s providing decision-makers with important data when they need it in a legible form. It is therefore about identifying relevant data, collect, analyse and store data in a sustainable manner in order to provide them anytime.

Why is there so many business tools ? Why is there so much talk about it  ?

Because today, we browse through information, and because the amount of data collected grows exponentially. The companies need tools to analyse these data. And when it’s about enlightening them, visualisations and infographics are without doubt the best solutions.
The data visualisation is a key tool of data communication. The application of a perspective view on the distributed information throughout an organisation makes the data easier to interpret and speeds up the decision making. If you have the right information at the right time, you will make bigger profits and gain in efficiency.

In what way can PREREQUIS help you ?

With a team having more than 15 years of experience in the domain, we can bring you the expertise needed in the setup of your BI. Solution. We collaborate with varied editors such as MicroStrategty, SAP Business Object, Microsoft, Talend, Tableau, Qlik and many others.
Our skills today are recognized on the market, we can value your data.
Today, we intervene on packages, audit or support missions, for big corporations of the CAC 40 as well as for smaller structures like SME. They trust us, and this shared trust is our biggest success.

Project management assistance and BI

  • Project management and business needs gathering
  • Audit and critical data mapping
  • DataWarehouse modelling
  • Dashboard specification

Dataloading process

  • DataWarehouse modelling
  • Source flux identification
  • Supply processes implementation
  • Time optimisation
  • Cluster creation


  • Definition of semantic layers
  • Creation of key indicators
  • Query optimisations
  • Dashboard, data visualisations and infographics creation
  • Creation of mobile applications (Iphone, Ipad, etc.)

Infrastructure and Exploitation

  • Audit and recommendation on target infrastructures
  • Implementation of exploitation processes
  • Migration of tool versions
  • Platforms administration

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