From an idea to the ENTERPRISE

  • Armed with significant technical experience around the ERP Oracle E-Business Suite and Business Analysis, Stéphane Didier Olivier and Frédéric create PREREQUIS
  • The company is based on values of Listening and Respect
  • In 2002 PREREQUIS sets up a PEE for his first collaborators
  • 1 million Euros of turnover is reached after 2 years of existence in 2003
  • PREREQUIS general positioning is around the IT consulting: ERP, business intelligence, project management, Business Analysis. However the turnover is mainly composed of services around ERP Oracle E-Business Suite
  • In 2004, a sales representative  is recruited

THE AFFIRMATION : From seed to sustainable enterprise, Human and Expert

  • PREREQUIS specializes in Oracle E-Business Suite integrating , with all the necessary profiles: technical, functional and project manager
  • In 2008 PREREQUIS signs a partnership with ORACLE editor
  • Its clients are major international groups
  • PREREQUIS is in an indirect business model with 70% of its turnover in outsourcing large IT services companies
  • PREREQUIS’s DNA is recognized and affirmed : PREREQUIS is and will remain a services company with strongly rooted human values
  • In 2009 PREREQUIS adopts an information system to manage contracts and billing, k@iros

THE DIVERSIFICATION : Build the foundation for future growth

  • The company decided to accelerate its growth
  • A diversification strategy is in place: building on existing skills, PREREQUIS develops the Council Organization, the Change Management, Assistance to the Owner (2012) and Business Intelligence (2014)
  • PREREQUIS laying the foundations for strong growth: direct sales model with less than 10% of its outsourcing and establishment of a middle management level
  • PREREQUIS upgraded its information system k@iros to support its growth
  • Banks partners and the B.P.I follow PREREQUIS in its growth.
  • PREREQUIS has a BDF G3 quotation (in 2016).
    In 2012, the company is recognized by the Region Ile de France as a high-growth SME and becomes laureate PM’UP program, designed to support its development for 3 years